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Amicable LLC is a small digital services agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have years of experience designing, building, managing and serving our clients’ websites + providing technical support.

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A website is like a garden that you have to keep watered and maintained if you want it to grow

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Every now and then in life you find one of those people who reinvigorates your faith in humankind: you know that they’ll do what they say they’re going to do; they do it in a timely way; and they complete it with skill and grace. Michael of has been one of those humans for me.

For well over a decade, he’s been the lead web developer for the website design+build projects that my studio has taken on. He’s built and maintained sites for all our key clients, from single-page brochure sites to complex enterprise sites with hundreds of pages and deep functionalities, for clients from start-ups to businesses with valuations in the hundreds of millions. He’s managed initial builds and years of meticulous maintenance, always keeping best practices at the core of his work.

I’ve leaned on him hard to know what is possible and what is prudent, where the industry is going, and often had him function as a liaison between our clients’ marketing and IT departments.

If that summed up Michael, that would be reason enough for me to try and keep him in my orbit forever. But added to that are the immeasurable benefits of being a calm, friendly, unflappable presence. Working with Michael inspired me to rewrite my core business motto: only work with nice people.

Monthly web maintenance / care plans suited to your organization’s needs

SECURITY + Updates

We keep your website secure + up to date, backed up and the functionality of your website current.

Uptime Monitoring

We only use reliable hosting, and under our plans you can rest assured that your website will stay up and running.


A monthly monitoring of your websites will help you to stay on top of any changes made to them that aren’t meeting accessibility standards!

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